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  • Spo2 Sensor Principle
  • Spo2 Sensor Principle

A0209-C06 Smiths Medical > BCI Compatible

Parameters of A0209-C06 Reusable SpO2 Sensor

APK Part NumberA0209-C06
OEM Part Number3311
OEM ManufacturerSmiths Medical > BCI
DescriptionSmiths Medical > BCI Compatible SpO2 Adapter Cable - 3311   DB9-DB9
Compatible Brand Monitor ModelN/A
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
SpO2 TechnologyBCI
Probe TypeReusable
Patient SizeAll Size
Connector EndMale 9-Pin D-Sub Connector, Female 9-Pin D-Sub Connector
Patient EndAll Size
Cable Length240 cm
Warranty12 months
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Details of A0209-C06 Reusable SpO2 Sensor

OEM Part Number Cross References:
ManufacturerOEM Part #
Smiths Medical > BCI3311

Compatibility of A0209-C06 Reusable SpO2 Sensor

ArmstrongAD-1000, AD-2000, AD-3000, AD-4000, AD-900
Artema SWDiascope
Beijing Choice ElectronicPulse Oximeter model MD300I1
ChoiceMMedMD300A, MD300I, MD300K1, MD300M, MMED6000DP-M3, MMED6000DP-M7, MMED6000DP-S6, MMED6000DP-SF
DigicareDigimax 5500
DraegerOxipac 2000, Oxipac 2500
InfiniumOxcyon II
Smiths Medical > BCI1300, 1301, 1302, 1303, 3100, 3101, 3180, 3300, 3301, 3302, 3303, 3304, 3400, 3401, 3403, 6100, 9100, 9200, Advisor, Autocorr, Capnocheck   9004, Mini Torr, Mini Torr Plus, Spectro 10, Spectro 20, Spectro2 10, Spectro2 20, Spectro2 30, SurgiVet
WeinmannOxycount Mini

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