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  • Use of Spo2 Sensor
  • Use of Spo2 Sensor

A0309-SI203PU Criticare Compatible

Parameters of A0309-SI203PU Reusable SpO2 Sensor

APK Part NumberA0309-SI203PU
OEM Part NumberN/A
OEM ManufacturerCriticare
DescriptionCriticare Compatible Infant Soft SpO2 Sensor with 90cm Cable 6pin
Compatible Brand Monitor ModelN/A
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
SpO2 TechnologyCriticare
Probe TypeReusable
Patient SizeInfant (1-20Kg)
Connector End90 degree, 6 pin Criticare connector, Keyed
Patient EndFinger Clip
Cable Length90 cm
Warranty6 months
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Compatibility of A0309-SI203PU Reusable SpO2 Sensor

CareFusion > Alaris4415, VitalCheck 4400, VitalCheck 4410
Criticare503 Spot, 503DX, 503DX-W, 503S, 504DX, 504DX/P, 504DXN, 506DN, 506DN3, 506DNP3, 506DNT3, 506DNTP3, 506DNV3, 506DNVP3, 506DXN, 506LNP3, 506LNT3, 506LNTP3, 506LNV3, 506LNVP3, 506N3, 506NP3, 506NT3, 506NTP3, 506NV3, 506NVP3, 507ELC2, 8000 series, 8100 series, 8100E, 8100EP, Poet (602-3A), Poet Plus, Poet R Plus, Scholar, Scholar III, nCompass, nGenuity
IvacVitalCheck 4400, VitalCheck 4410, VitalCheck 4415

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