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With over 30,000 sqms production base and 24 years R&D experience, APK Technology is a professional medical accessories manufacturer for patient monitors, ECG machines, pulse oximeters, Defibrillators, Anaesthesia Machines etc. APK has gained the CFDA, ISO 13485:2016, CE mark and FDA Certifications.

Since established in 2003, APK focuses on OEM and ODM service to the world leading monitor and ECG brands with our high quality medical device accessory and excellent service. As an approved vendor for many top medical consumables manufacturers, the experiences of R&D, contract manufacturing, quality control etc. enables APK to be a medical supplies factory with great production capability, fast delivery, high quality products and more efficient services. We can be your most reliable medical consumables supplier.

List Of Consumables Used in Hospitals

Medical device consumables are products that can be used only once, and then disposed of. Unlike reusable devices and accessories, medical consumable products must be replaced after each use. The term is most often applied to medical devices, but it can also refer to medical equipment accessories used with other types of equipment. Consumables in medical terms include a wide variety of consumable medical supplies, including bandages and other wound care items; IV catheters and tubing; syringes; automated external defibrillators and so on. Medical device consumables are an important part of any healthcare system. They help keep costs down and ensure that patients receive the highest quality care possible. 

Medical consumable products may be re-used or disposable depending on the facility's needs and regulatory requirements. Disposable items are discarded after one use, while reusable items can be cleaned after each use in order to extend their useful life.

What Is Medical Device Accessory?

Medical accessories and cables are used to connect different pieces of medical equipment together. Medical equipment accessories can also be used to connect medical equipment to medical devices, or they can be used to connect medical equipment with other pieces of medical equipment, or they can even be used in conjunction with hospital equipment, such as cables for medical equipment, medical wires and other medical device accessories.

APK is the best medical equipment cables manufacturer for the medical industry. Our medical cables and assemblies for sale are built to withstand various conditions and rigorous testing, making them ideal for use in a hospital setting. The custom medical cable assemblies from APK can be used in medical devices such as pulse oximeters and anesthesia monitors, as well as other devices that require reliable components or systems.

Cables for Medical Devices Applications

Medical cable assembly manufacturers need to ensure that the cables are high quality. Cables for medical devices are an integral part of medical devices, so a failure in their design can make it difficult for patients to receive proper care.

Advanced medical cables are used in a variety of applications, including: 

To connect sensors, monitors and other devices to the power source. An example of this is the connection between an intravenous pump and an infusion set that contains a thermistor for temperature monitoring. The wireless transmission mechanisms used in these types of devices can be fairly complex.

In addition to all of their obvious uses in medical devices—such as connecting power sources to batteries or sensors—cables for medical devices also transmit information between different parts of the device itself. They send signals from one place to another within a circuit board; they transfer data; they provide power; and much more.

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