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NIBP Monitoring

Blood pressure measurement methods include non-invasive methods and invasive methods. Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) is measured by indirect methods, such as the Kirschner sound method, oscillometry, to reflect the pressure in the artery. Invasive blood pressure (INBP) through arterial catheterization, directly obtained intra-arterial blood pressure known as invasive blood pressure, also known as Direct blood pressure.

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What does NIBP stand for in medical terms?

NIBP is the average blood pressure during the cardiac cycle. The mean arterial pressure of normal adults is 70 ~ 105 mmHg. Mean arterial pressure = (systolic + 2 × diastolic)/3. Mean arterial pressure = diastolic pressure + 1/3 pulse pressure difference.

Continuous blood pressure monitoring is needed clinically, Patients requiring vasodilators or vasoconstrictors; all kinds of critically ill patients and complex major surgery and major bleeding surgery; require hypothermia and controlled hypotension, Severe hypotension, shock, and other operations that require repeated blood pressure measurements; Patients who require repeated arterial blood sampling for blood gas analysis, etc. Patients were resuscitated after respiratory arrest.

How to use the NIBP system?

Select the NIBP parameter area and open the NIBP settings menu. Set interval to something other than manual. The first measurement is started manually, and the monitor automatically restarts the measurement at a set time after the measurement is completed.

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