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The quality of the medical cable directly affects the operation safety of the line. Once the line cannot run safely and stably, the life and economic losses caused by the failure are unpredictable. Therefore, our staff must fundamentally prevent the occurrence of medical cable failures. Minimize cable accidents, start from the subtle, and strive to achieve the goal of safe and stable power supply. So what are the common problems with the quality of medical cables? Common problems with the quality of medical cables are as follows.

1. Mechanical properties of medical cables

The mechanical performance problems of medical cables are mainly reflected in the insufficient tensile force and bending resistance of the wire. Quality issues. Therefore, manufacturers should improve the mechanical properties of medical cables from the perspective of production technology.

2. Identification of medical cable products

Reasonable product identification can help users quickly understand the specific information of the product. Only when the user fully understands the product specifications and usage requirements before use, can they make full use of it. However, many manufacturers do not scientifically set product identification according to the standard requirements when packaging and handling medical cables, resulting in incorrect product identification specifications or unclear scope of use, which brings inconvenience to users and leads to the wrong use of medical cables, causing hidden danger.

3. Medical cable insulation problem

The outer layer of the medical cable is usually provided with an insulating layer. The quality problem of the insulating layer generally occurs in whether the thickness meets the standard. If the thickness of the insulating layer is insufficient, the wire will not be adequately protected, thus reducing the safety of use. In the actual use of the cable, it can be found that its withstand voltage level is closely related to the thickness and material of the insulating layer. Therefore, the material selection and actual thickness of the insulating layer are the main factors affecting the safety of use.

4. Medical cable conductor resistance problem

The resistance setting of the wire conductor is also the main factor affecting the quality of the medical cable. The resistance setting of the wire conductor has clear standard requirements, and the resistance is a key indicator for measuring the transmission properties of the wire. There are two main reasons for the quality problems of line conductors. One is that if the purity of the metal material of the conductor does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to clean up the impurities inside or replace other materials. The second is that the cross-sectional area of the line conductor material does not meet the specified standard requirements, which affects the internal resistance.

When we use medical cables, various faults will occur with the increase of service life, such as insulation damage, moisture, aging and deterioration, cable overheating, etc. When these faults occur, the power supply of the faulty cable should be cut off and look for the occurrence of the fault. Find the location of the fault and analyze the cause of the fault, and then perform some repairs at the fault point, and then power on again after confirming that there are no other problems.

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