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  • ARB002
  • ARB002
  • ARB002
  • Dual-wavelength Red Light Therapy
  • ARB002
  • ARB002
  • ARB002
  • Dual-wavelength Red Light Therapy

ARB002 Dual-wavelength Red Light Therapy

Parameters of ARB002 Ultraviolet Light Therapy

APK Part Number   ARB002 
Application         Medical & Household
Operation Mode     Continuously Operation
Description         Dual-wavelength Red Light Therapy
Certification        CE, FDA, CFDA
Category             Ultraviolet Light Therapy
Display Mode         White-phosphor Screen
Treatment Area     1 cm ²
Irradiance Intensity     100~130 MW / cm ²
Lift Time of Light Source > 50,000 hours
Rated Power         2 W
Product Size         186mm*23mm*23mm
Others         Built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery, can be used continuously for 30 hours
Packaging Type     1 pc/bag

Features of Ultraviolet Light Therapy Products

  • Red light LED semiconductor light source

  • Professional dual-wavelength packaging technology

  • The optical fiber light guide design, touch all areas of the oral cavity, easy to sterilize the fiber material

  • Built-in timer, the 90s or 60s optional; 2gear irradiance intensity optional, High mode and low mode

  • Digital display tube, clear time/intensity gear

  • One-button start, easy treatment

  • Dual-wavelength design, unique mixed-light design, stable light intensity

  • Ergonomic grip design, built-in rechargeable battery, lightweight and portable

  • With vertical charging stand

  • This product is suitable for oral ulcers, cold sores pain relief, and accelerated healing

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