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Anesthesia Accessories

With the development of anesthesia technology, people pay more and more attention to the safety monitoring of anesthesia. APK has also developed more and more anesthesia-related accessories and consumables. Such as BIS sensor, EtCO2,EEG sensor. And we have many years of experience designing and manufacturing medical accessories for global and domestic brands.

What Equipment is Used for Anesthesia?

Different types of anaesthesia accessories have their use. Anaesthetic machine, Cylinders, Ventilator,  Laryngoscope, Endotracheal tubes, Tracheostomy tube, I.V.Cannula, Syringe pumps, Magill’s forceps, Central Venous Pressure, Nasogastric tube, etc. APK manufactures anesthesia accessories for world-leading brands, like GE、Philips. They are produced by injection molding at one time, through this process to guarantee higher stability and long life span of products.

Anesthesia Monitoring Standards

The basic testing standards during anesthesia are as follows:

  1. Oxygenation monitoring Observe the color of the skin, mucous membranes, and incision bleeding to judge the oxygenation situation; pulse oximetry monitoring can detect hypoxemia early.

  2. Respiration monitoring should observe the patient's thoracic undulation and respiratory sac activity, indirect stethoscope monitoring breath sounds, to ensure proper ventilation of the patient and judge whether there is any secretion.

  3. Circulating monitoring and continuous ECG waveform display, measuring blood pressure and heart rate at least every 2-5 minutes.

  4. Body temperature monitoring, according to the needs of different parts of the body temperature detection.

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