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SpO2 Monitoring Sensor

APK offers a broad portfolio of SpO2 sensors, including both reusable and disposable versions for different applications and Patient categories. The principle of pulse oximetry was developed by Nihon Kohden researcher Takuo Aoyagi in the early 1970s. Pulse oximetry measures blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) non-invasively with an infrared sensor on the fingertip. Before that, the measurement of blood oxygen saturation required arterial blood sampling. Thanks to pulse oximetry, the critical parameter of SpO2 can be measured painlessly, continuously, and in real-time.

Disposable SpO2 Sensor

Reusable SpO2 Sensor

SpO2 Adapter Cables

SPO2 Sensor Working Principle

The reusable SpO2 sensor is mainly composed of a connector, cable, and sensor. 

  • Compatible connector (appearance varies according to specific products)

  • Cables

  • Patient end sensor (appearance varies according to specific products)

Intended use of SPO2 Sensor

Intended to be used on corresponding parameter monitors or pulse oximeters by healthcare professionals to collect and transfer the SpO2 and pulse rate signals of the patient.   

  • Plug the sensor into the monitor and verify proper operation as described in the manual.

  • Select a proper contact position of the patient for the sensor, the preferred position is the index finger, alternative recommends the thumb or little finger.

  • Reference to the instructions as below, the patient finger must be inserted correctly to the end of the sensor.

  • The cable of the SpO2 sensor should be placed along the patient's dorsal side and parallel to the arm.

Spo2 Sensor Specification

Specifications of Spo2 Sensor

  • SpO2 Testing Range: not lower than 70%~100%SpO2 

  • Accuracy Range: Tolerance of ±2% when 90%-100%; ±3% when 70%-89%;

  • Pulse Rate Testing Range: no lower than (30~245)bpm; Pulse Rate Testing Accuracy±3bpm;

  • Wavelength (this information is especially useful for healthcare professionals ) Class A: Red 660nm, IR 905nm, Class B: Red 660nm, IR 940nm.

Working Conditions of Spo2 Sensor

  • Ambient Temperature:5℃~45℃;

  • Relative Humidity: ≤10%~95%(Non-Condensing);

  • Atmospheric Pressure: 50kPa~106kPa.

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