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It is very important to use the appropriate size cuff for your arm to obtain accurate measurement results when using your blood pressure monitor, so, before blood pressure measurement, First, you need to choose the correct blood pressure cuff, We APK have designed different sizes of blood pressure cuffs for different groups of people, including large adults, adults, thighs, children, and newborns, to meet the needs of all users. Welcome to check the NIBP cuffs size from the link at: 

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Second, check that the cuff and blood pressure extension tube, blood pressure connector, and blood pressure device are properly connected.

 Put your left arm through the cuff loop. The bottom of the cuff should be about 1 – 2 cm above your elbow (thickness of your index or middle finger). Adjust the cuff around your arm so that the tubing runs down the center of your arm in line with your middle finger. Secure the cuff around your arm using the cloth closure. Pull the cuff so that the top and bottom edges are tightened evenly around your arm. Secure the cuff firmly but not too tight– just enough so that it is difficult to slide 2 fingers under the cuff.

Blood Pressure Extension Tube

Third, press the button of the blood pressure device to start test.

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