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Now it's time to learn some finer details about operation so that you can better use the product. Of course, there are no special precautions to be taken with these rules, and on the contrary, adherence to treatment is the most important thing.

Rules for using the UV light therapy device

It is important to understand the operation manual before starting the treatment, as a detailed operation can simplify the tediousness of the treatment.

Rules for using the UV light therapy device

After obtaining the UV light therapy device, it is important to understand the operational instructions in the user manual, especially the operation methods of some machines. If you are unclear about how to operate the product, you can consult relevant personnel and request an operation video, which will make the operation more convenient.

Requirements for the environment during the use of the light therapy device

There are no special environmental requirements for operating the UV light therapy device, it can be used under normal atmospheric pressure.

Maintenance issues when using the UV light therapy device

After use, maintenance is also important. To maintain it properly, after each use of the UV light therapy device, wipe the machine with an alcohol-dampened cloth and clean the treatment head, making it safer for the next treatment. Good products require good maintenance rules and standards to ensure long-term use and treatment efficacy.

Safety precautions to be taken before using the UV light therapy device

Overexposure to UV radiation can damage the eyes and skin, and in severe cases can lead to diseases such as cataracts or skin tumors. Patients and operators must wear special UV protective goggles when using the equipment, and avoid direct exposure to the UV radiation source in the output state.

The device should not be used in an environment where flammable or explosive materials such as anesthetics are present, to prevent fire or explosion.

To prevent circuit hazards, the UV light therapy device can only be connected to a power outlet with protective grounding. If the power outlet is not connected to a grounding wire, or the integrity of the protective grounding wire is questioned, do not use the socket.

To prevent electric shock and reduce equipment failures, the device should not be immersed in water. If the device accidentally gets wet, stop using it immediately and have it inspected by a professional technician before using it again.

Only healthcare professionals who have been trained and authorized to use the UV light therapy device may use it in the designated locations. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate the equipment.

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