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Vet Monitoring Products

Vet monitor is a device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of a patient’s animal, can be compared with known settings, and can give an alarm if it is exceeded. The animal monitor must continuously monitor the physiological parameters of the sick animals 24 hours a day, detect the changing trend, point out the critical situation, and provide the basis for emergency treatment and treatment by veterinarians, to minimize the complications to alleviate and eliminate the disease.

Types of Veterinary Monitoring Products for Sale

What are Vet Products Used for?

Veterinary Monitoring tests animals' Noninvasive Monitoring of blood pressure (including arterial, venous, and mean) , Oxygenation, and pulse provide parameters for accurate medical judgment

Guidelines of Using Vet Products

The animal monitor is different from the medical monitor, the design of software, the upper and lower limits of parameters, the electrode clip of animal ECG, the probe clip of measuring animal blood oxygen, and the cuff of different sizes for measuring animal blood pressure, etc., they’re all different. So pet hospitals and clinics in the purchase of equipment must pay attention to the distinction between medical and veterinary use!

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