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EKG Consumables for Sale

The EKG cable is an accessory for connecting medical equipment such as monitors, electrocardiographs, dynamic HOLTER recording boxes, and electroencephalograms. It is mainly composed of plugs, cables, splitters, lead wires, and connectors. The EKG cable collects and transmits the physiological signals of the human body through the electrocardiogram electrodes, and is widely used in various medical fields.

Diagnostic EKG Cable

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Disposable ECG Electrodes

EKG Accessories

What is the Difference between ECG and EKG?

There are three leads, five leads, seven leads, and twelve leads for the ECG lead wires, while the EKG line usually has more than 10 leads. The ECG lead wires that match different brands of instruments usually have different plugs. The more leads, the more waveforms, so the judgment of the condition will be more comprehensive.

How to Read an EKG monitor?

The left side of the EKG monitor is the electrocardiogram, and the right side is a list of values from top to bottom. Different colors represent the values of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and body temperature.

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