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The EKG accessories are products for connecting medical equipment such as monitors, electrocardiographs, dynamic HOLTER recording boxes, and electroencephalograms. EKG supplies is mainly composed of plugs, ekg cables, splitters, lead wires, and connectors. The EKG cable collects and transmits the physiological signals of the human body through the ecg suction electrodes, and is widely used in various medical fields.

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EKG Accessories

What is the Difference between ECG and EKG?

ECG and EKG are two different ways to abbreviate the same thing: electrocardiography, also spelled electrocardiogram. ECG is used in the UK, while EKG is used in the US and other parts of the world.

An electrocardiogram is an electrical recording of the heart's electrical activity, as measured by electrodes attached to the outer surface of the skin. It is a noninvasive diagnostic test that can be performed at home and does not require any special preparation.

The devices that record the ECG and EKG are both called “ECG machines”. Sometimes they may be referred to as an EKG monitor or ECG machine depending on who is speaking about it.

However, there are three leads, five leads, seven leads, and twelve leads for the ECG lead wires, while the EKG line usually has more than 10 leads. The ECG lead wires that match different brands of instruments usually have different plugs. The more leads, the more waveforms, so the judgment of the condition will be more comprehensive.

How to Read an EKG monitor?

The electrocardiogram (EKG) is one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools in the health care industry. An EKG, which looks at the electrical activity of the heart, can be helpful in diagnosing a number of different conditions, including heart attacks and arrhythmias. It's important to know how to read an EKG because it might come up during any type of medical care. 

The left side of the EKG monitor is the electrocardiogram, and the right side is a list of values from top to bottom. Different colors represent the values of heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and body temperature.

Disposable ECG /EKG Electrodes For Sale

ECG electrodes are an essential component of a cardiac monitor. There are many choices and types of electrodes used in ecg  that you need to choose from when buy ecg disposable electrodes. The disposable ECG electrodes are the most common type of electrode that you'll find on the market today. They come in many different varieties, with a wide range of prices and features.

Disposable ECG electrodes are one-time use only and are made of a type of plastic that is not reusable. The disposable electrode is applied to the patient's skin without making direct contact with them . 

You can choose single-use or reusable ecg electrodes. Single-use electrodes are thrown away after use and are more convenient, whereas reusable ones require cleaning and sterilization before each use. The choice between these two ecg electrodes types will depend on your needs: if you need an accurate reading every time, then disposables are preferable.

ECG Cables/EKG Cables and Leadwires

ECG/EKG lead wires are tubes that connect the ecg suction electrodes to the monitor (or EKG machine). ECG/EKG lead wires have multiple uses, but in this context they're used as a source of electrical signal. The signal is amplified, filtered and displayed on a screen.

It's important to keep in mind that medical wires are the only way for an EKG machine to measure your heart's electrical activity. The electrodes on a patient's chest connect to their heart via a leadwire, which is then connected to the monitor via another leadwire. This allows for an accurate reading of your heartbeat by allowing doctors or nurses to measure voltage differences within different components of the heart muscle.

Leads are designed to be compatible with the EKG machine, while cables are designed for specific types of EKG machines. If you need a replacement lead or ecg cable for your device, it is important that you know what kind of equipment you have before ordering one from APK so we can provide advice on which product best matches your current needs.

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