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Definition of SpO2 Probe

The SpO2 probe, also known as the blood oxygen saturation probe, is a non-invasive method that uses an optical sensor in medical measurements. It involves fixing the finger clip on the patient's fingertip and utilizing the finger as a transparent chamber to hold the blood-hemoglobin. The probe then uses a wavelength of 660nm red light and 900-940nm near-infrared light as the input light source to measure the strength of light conduction through tissue beds, and to calculate the concentration of hemoglobin and blood oxygen saturation. Through SpO2 monitoring, one can obtain SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse wave. It is usually equipped with a heart monitor at the other end and applied to blood oxygen monitoring in various patients.

In O2 transport, O2 mainly exists in the form of binding with hemoglobin in red blood cells, and the amount of physical solubility is extremely small. The maximum amount of oxygen content that hemoglobin can bind with in 100ml of blood is referred to as oxygen capacity (OCP), while the actual amount of oxygen attached to hemoglobin is called oxygen content (OCN). Blood oxygen saturation is the ratio of the two, namely SPO2. Under normal circumstances, the range of SPO2 is 92% to 98%.

The basic principle of oxygen saturation measurement in the body's tests is through the photodetection method. Arterial vessels usually pulsate continuously, and during the contraction and relaxation periods, they absorb light to varying degrees as blood flow changes. The ratio of light absorption in the contraction and relaxation phases is then converted into a measurement of blood oxygen saturation based on the principle that the amount of light absorbed by arterial blood changes with arterial pulsation.

Classification of SpO2 Probe

Disposable SpO2 probe, reusable SpO2 probe, and blood oxygen adapter cable (connecting cable).

Product Advantages of SpO2 Probe

Clean and hygienic

Disposable products are produced and packaged in clean rooms, reducing factors of infection and cross-infection; anti-jarring and interference: strong adhesion and anti-motion interference, more suitable for patients who move a lot; super compatibility: APK has the strongest adaptation technology in the industry, which can be compatible with mainstream monitoring models; SpO2 probe can measure black skin color, white skin color, newborns, the elderly, tail fingers, and thumbs.

Weak perfusion performance

Accurate measurement of PI perfusion index is matched with mainstream models. High cost performance: the large-brand OEM factory, with international quality and domestic prices.

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