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Keeping pets has become a trend among urbanites, with more and more pet cats and dogs strolling leisurely into residential communities and becoming a member of people's families. Especially for the white-collar class, pets have become a part of their lives. With the increasing importance placed on pets, pet parents naturally have higher demands for the quality of pet healthcare. The animal X-ray machine, also known as the pet DR equipment, is a digital X-ray examination and medical device specifically designed for animal X-ray photography.

Unlike human healthcare, when examining pets, various medical instruments used to check pet diseases become important tools because they cannot understand the condition through language and communication. The animal X-ray machine examination can reveal the internal organs and bones of animals, which is very important for the diagnosis of diseases. So under what circumstances is the use of pet X-ray machines generally applicable?

Range of animal X-ray machine examination

In the case of fractures, if pets are hit by cars or fall and hit somewhere, they need to be examined with animal X-ray machines to see if there are any fractures or bleeding points in the abdomen.

If pets have symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, and respiratory diseases, it is necessary to use the Animal X-ray Machine to examine whether the heart's contour is normal, whether there is hypertrophy, and whether the lung's form and interior have edema or inflammation, etc.

If pets have hematuria or cannot urinate, the pet X-ray machine needs to be used to check whether it is caused by urinary calculi (bladder, kidney, urethra), whether the kidney's size is normal, and whether the bladder's urine is abundant.

If pets have vomiting, diarrhea, or gastrointestinal symptoms, and bacterial enteritis, parasitic enteritis, and viral enteritis have been ruled out but the cause still cannot be found, it is necessary to use animal X-ray machines to exclude ileus, intestinal obstruction, intestinal volvulus, gastric foreign bodies, etc.

After pets are mated, they need to be examined with pet X-ray machines to see if they are pregnant, how many fetuses they may have, and whether the size and position of the fetuses are normal.

Advantages of animal X-ray machines

  • Different from films, DR has high image clarity, easy adjustment, and is not easily missed.

  • The most important thing is that the radiation of pet X-ray machines is low, which can reduce the radiation damage to animals.

  • It reduces client waiting time. Traditional X-ray film needs to wait 15-30 minutes, while the DR device can image in 5 seconds without waiting.

  • DR images of pets are easy for pet owners to carry and store. X-ray films can be stored for about 3 months to half a year, while DR images can be stored in the system for a long time, serving as records or consultations.

  • Digital imaging allows veterinarians to conduct remote radiographic interpretation through a fast network, image compression, and PACS software, further shortening transmission time and immediate interpretation. It increases portability.

Animal X-ray machines play a particularly important role in clinical practice. They can examine the internal organs and bones of animals, diagnose diseases, and are particularly helpful for difficult problems. With the help of pet X-ray machines, doctors can more accurately judge the diagnosis of pet diseases. It has a decisive role. For older pets, if lesions are found in the X-ray, other imaging studies such as B-ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc. are required for confirmed diagnosis. If there is no improvement in the condition, further examinations are needed.

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