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If you observe carefully, you will find that there are shadows of temperature sensors everywhere in life. From the infrared thermometer, to the air conditioner at home, to the car when you go out. Whether in industry or agriculture, temperature sensors play an increasingly indispensable role. With the development of national medical technology, medical temperature sensors are more and more widely used in the medical field.

1. Medical temperature probes are more accurate, safer and more comfortable

Medical temperature probes provide continuous temperature management of patients, and such temperature probes play an increasingly important role during anesthesia and post-perioperative prognosis. In order to meet the different temperature measurement needs of patients, medical disposable temperature probes can be simply divided into: body cavity temperature probes, body surface temperature probes, ear canal temperature probes, temperature measurement catheters and esophagus temperature probes.

The average value of oral, axillary and rectal temperatures obtained by real-time monitoring of the patient's temperature by a medical temperature probe is not significantly different from the temperature measured by a mercury thermometer, and is more convenient and safer. Therefore, many large hospital ICU wards or departments that need to monitor patient temperature in real time mostly use disposable medical temperature probes as an important tool for patient temperature management.

2. The advantages of medical temperature probes

(1) Shorter reaction time, real-time monitoring, no longer repeated measurement, waste of medical staff time and reduced nursing efficiency.

(2) The accuracy is more accurate and high, and the accuracy of the temperature probe can be ±0.01 °C.

(3) One-time use, no need for tedious disinfection.

(4) Medical temperature probes and temperature measuring catheters can monitor the patient's core temperature, which is more accurate than the body surface temperature.

(5) It has good clinical application effect.

A medical temperature sensor is a sensitive element, usually composed of one or several high-precision fast-response thermistors (NTC chips), which are directly related to the accuracy and response speed of the output temperature. The medical temperature probe can read the patient temperature in 4 seconds, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the traditional mercury thermometer, and its advantages are quite obvious.

APK can provide cost-effective temperature products that provide continuous and high-accuracy measurements. The range covers long-term monitoring and rapid measurements from neonates to adult patients, including disposable, reusable skin temperature probes, rectal temperature probes, and more. Welcome to online consultation!

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