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AUC004 UVB LED 308nm Ultraviolet Light Therapy

Parameters of AUC004 Ultraviolet Light Therapy

APK Part NumberAUC004
ApplicationMedical & Household
Operation ModeContinuously Operation
DescriptionUVB LED 308nm Ultraviolet Light Therapy
Certification       CE, FDA, CFDA
Category             Ultraviolet Light Therapy
Display ModeWhite-phosphor Screen
Treatment Area2.5 cm ²
Irradiance Intensity27 MW / cm ²
Lift Time of Light Source> 50,000 hours
Rated Power4 W
Rated Current500 mA
Product Size150mm*40mm*40mm
Working Mode  Stable Constant Current Drive, Stable Light Intensity
OthersBuilt-in 1500mAh high-capacity battery, Type-C charging interface
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Features of AUC004 Ultraviolet Light Therapy

  • Imported LED semiconductor light source, pure spectrum, uniform light emission, stable and efficient

  • The special material high-performance thermally conductive substrate with high-efficiency micro-fan convection cooling system

  • One-key operation, simple and clear operation

  • 5-speed adjustment, the interface guide is concise and clear

  • Small area, high power, specially designed for lesions in special parts

  • The equidistant array of light sources is designed to produce uniform light, and the design of a constant current drive is to ensure a stable current

  • Ergonomic grip design, precise positioning 

  • Medical grade raw material requirements

  • Small size, light weight, built-in battery, easy to carry

  • This product is suitable for vitiligo, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

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