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When it comes to "cables," people often associate it with words like "data," "communication," and "networks." But in fact, cables are used in all industries and applications. Among them, the medical field is one of them. As the technology used in medical equipment becomes increasingly diverse, medical cables have become an important part of promoting the development of such technologies. So what are the basic performance of medical cables? Let's explain it below.

Basic performance of medical cables:

1. Mechanical properties of medical cables

Refers to the tensile strength, elongation, bending, elasticity, flexibility, vibration resistance, wear resistance, and impact resistance of medical cables.

2. Conductive performance and electrical insulation performance of medical cables

Resistance of the conductive core (DC resistance of the conductor), current-carrying capacity, insulation resistance, and voltage resistance characteristics.

3. Corrosion resistance and weather resistance of medical cables

Refers to the ability to resist electrochemical corrosion, biological and bacterial erosion, chemical corrosion of drugs (oil, acid, alkali, chemical solvents, etc.), salt spray, sunlight, cold, mildew, and moisture, etc.

4. Thermal performance of medical cables

Refers to the heat resistance grade of medical cables, working temperature, cable heating and heat dissipation characteristics, current short-circuit and overload capacity, thermal deformation and heat shock resistance of synthetic materials, thermal expansion properties of materials, and drop performance of impregnated or coated materials, etc.

5. Aging performance of medical cables

Refers to the ability of products and their constituent materials to maintain their original performance under the action of mechanical (force) stress, electrical stress, thermal stress, and other external factors, or external climate conditions.

For cables, the medical industry can be said to be a harsh application environment, and the factors that need to be considered are also complex. In addition, due to the continuous technological innovation in this field, it also requires the development of medical cables to keep up with corresponding technical requirements.

Anpucong currently has a production base of more than 15,000 square meters, ensuring customers' production and storage capabilities, and shortening customers' delivery time. As a medical product manufacturer, Anpucong has been committed to supporting the cause of human health. We will continue to innovate to ensure that our respected customers get high-quality medical cable products, the most competitive prices, and the best service.

Anpucong Technology Co., Ltd. in China is equipped with modern facilities, and our engineers are focused on the essence of manufacturing medical equipment consumables and design engineering. Our team has over 24 years of R&D experience in the medical cable and sensor industry, and is one of the most reliable medical consumables suppliers in the world.

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