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Although UV phototherapy is a very good treatment method, not all patients with skin diseases are suitable for this method of treatment. So, who is not suitable for UV phototherapy? If there are contraindications, it should be clearly stated that these patients cannot use the phototherapy device, so patients must remember to follow the doctor's advice when it is not available.

The following patients should not be treated with UV light therapy device

Pigmentary dry skin disease, Bloom syndrome, Cockayne syndrome, lupus erythematosus, hair nutritional disorders, genetic developmental mole syndrome, those with a history of malignant melanoma, and other non-melanoma skin cancer patients, photosensitive disease history, severe sun damage, arsenic or radiation therapy history, organ transplant immunosuppressed patients, pregnant women, porphyria, hyperthyroidism patients, etc.

For these diseases, patients can adjust according to their own conditions during treatment. If it is really not usable, then be careful when using such products, if irreversible situations are caused due to personal reasons, it will be regretted for life.

Number of UV light therapy device treatments

When patients undergo UV phototherapy, they are mostly concerned about related problems of irradiation. Regarding how to irradiate, especially the issue of the number of uses, can be learned in detail through this article. Different patients use different methods, but the irradiation standards are similar, especially the frequency of irradiation, which is generally controlled at 2-3 times a week.

Based on existing literature, there is no upper limit on the number of times phototherapy can be used, nor are there stipulations on the number of consecutive uses or times. When the condition recovers or no longer improves, other treatment methods should be considered. Some patients relapse after being cured with phototherapy, what is the reason? It may be related to the patient's diet and lifestyle habits in the later period. Therefore, after recovery, regular check-ups are necessary or attention should be paid to daily life, and excessive fatigue should be avoided. UV light therapy device has no upper limit on the number of irradiations. It can still be used for relapses even if many light therapies have been done before, without limitations on the number of uses.

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