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Fetal Monitor Device Accessories Of Tocotransducer For Sale

Fetal monitor device for tocotransducer monitor is an effective way for the care providers to use tools to monitor and interpret the heart rate of the baby (fetus) during late pregnancy and labor. Fetal monitor device and fetal monitor accessories enable to check on the status and condition of the baby (fetus), which is especially helpful in the high-risk pregnancy with diabetes or preeclampsia etc.

Types of Us Probes in Fetal Monitor Transducer

Tocotransducer Monitor Guidelines and Recommendations

Fetal monitor toco transducer can be external or internal. For most cases, external transducer for fetal monitoring is enough. The majority of hospitals routinely use electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) as external toco transducer.

The average heart rate in fetal monitoring is 110 to 160 beats each minute. This data can be varied by 5-25 beats per minute, depending on the baby’s responses to conditions 

In the uterus, an abnormal fetal heart rate may reflect the baby does not get enough oxygen or some other problems.

What are the Methods of Fetal Monitoring?

Generally, there are 3 different methods for fetal monitoring:

  • Auscultation external monitoring, that is toco transducer fetal monitoring. A tocotransducer monitor is a fetal monitor device used to monitor the fetal heart rate. The external toco transducer is attached to the maternal abdomen and picks up sounds transmitted by ultrasound through the uterine wall. It is done periodically by placing the tocotransducer monitor toco probe on the mother's abdomen.

  • Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM). The mothers will be wrapped with two sensors around their abdomen, stay still& close to the monitor to record the baby’s heart rate & the length of each contraction.

  • Internal fetal monitoring. It is only done if the amniotic sac has broken and the cervix is opened. The care provider will place a thin wire of the sensor through the mother’s uterus to the cervical opening.

APK ETCO2 Module

APK series ETCO2 modules include mainstream end-expiratory carbon dioxide modules and side-stream end-expiratory carbon dioxide modules. The block adopts dual-band non-split light infrared technology, which is stable for a long time. The measurement principle of APK series ETCO2 modules is NDIR, dual-channel pyroelectric detector with reference, the measurement range is 1-150mmHg, and the CO2 wavelength is 4.26 microns; The features of APK series ETCO2 modules are sturdy and compact, long service life, accurate results, and plug-and-play. APK series ETCO2 moudle is compatible with monitors of major well-known brands: Philips, Nihon Kohden, Mindray, Massimo,Respironics,Biolight etc., to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

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