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APK Technology is a national high-tech enterprise with professional technologies and 19 years of experience. We are devoted to the research and production of life information and massive health products, providing OEM/ODM service to the world-leading monitoring, ECG, anesthesia, and other brands, as well as researching and developing new products such as skin photography instruments and disposable sanitizing gel, to protect the public health.


Take you to know APK                            


Beginning - Rise

APK was established in 2003. Currently, APK has four medical companies. The products cover the human and veterinary medical markets. APK has the medical device production and business license and has passed the ISO 13485: 2016 system certification. And the products have the certifications of CE,  FDA, and relevant certifications from other world powers. The quality of products and services is among the best in the industry, which is well-known in domestic and foreign markets.


Development - leap

In 2008, APK Industrial Park - Jiangxi APK Industrial Co., Ltd. was put into construction, with a total area of nearly 30,000 square meters. The first phase of the factory was put into use in 2009. With the completion of the second phase of the factory in 2021, the standard factory building area is nearly 15,000 square meters, the 100,000-level dust-free clean workshop area is 1,000 square meters, and the living area building area is 1,200 square meters, which greatly improves the production and storage capacity of APK, and provides better service for more customers.


Honor - Harvest

In 2012, Shenzhen APK Technology Co., Ltd. was rated as a "National High-tech Enterprise". Since its establishment, APK has always put product quality first, is committed to the new products development and technology innovation. The products it designed and produced have obtained dozens of patents. The company now has two invention patents and nearly forty other related patents.


Innovation - Prospect    

APK tapped into the VET imaging business in 2013, providing super cost-effective radiological imaging products for animal and veterinary customers around the world. Currently, there are more than 500 sets of APK veterinary DR images system running online. 

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In 2018, on the occasion of APK's 15th anniversary, our factory in Shenzhen doubled in size, and an independent office of 1,200 square meters was added. Our customer reception ability and R&D strength have been greatly improved, providing better products and a more efficient cooperation experience for more partners.

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In 2021, APK developed skin phototherapy products of ultraviolet phototherapy series and red light phototherapy series. According to the company's long-term strategy, it is planned to develop therapeutic and diagnostic products related to skin CT applications in 2023 and launch them into the global market in 2025 to achieve the perfect combination of performance and price. 

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Step into a new journey in2022

With more than 25 years of experience in research and development of medical device products, two major production bases, international standard production workshops, efficient production management processes, and mature operation systems, APK will always uphold the concepts of quality, service, practicality, and innovation, and develop better, safer and more reliable medical device products to serve the cause of human health.

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