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Attitude towards fetal monitor equipment

There are often cases where the same type of equipment, due to different users, has very different effects. People who cannot use the equipment well often complain about the poor quality and performance of the equipment. In fact, this is mostly due to operator errors. Therefore, the operator of the equipment must first be familiar with the fetal monitor accessories and the entire operation process and usage methods of the equipment. An advanced instrument cannot be as simple as a telephone handset. It takes some effort before use, either by seeking advice from others or by carefully reading the instructions, preferably attending a specialized training class. In short, understand the entire operation process before using the equipment.

For precision electronic equipment, a specialized person must be responsible for using it, especially at the beginning stage. This requires the person operating the equipment to have a high sense of responsibility, to love the equipment first, and to always pay attention to maintenance. At the same time, everyone should be convinced to take care of the equipment, and they should be prohibited from any rough manipulation or operation. Especially for various fragile probes, they should be used with extra care, handled gently, and should not be damaged or dropped by themselves or accidentally when opening. In addition, attention should be paid to the temperature and cleanliness of the use environment. If the room temperature is too high, intermittent use should be observed and attempts should be made to cool down. The instrument should not be placed or used in a dusty room.

In order to keep the fetal monitor equipment working properly for a long time, consumables should be supplemented in a timely manner, such as recording paper, coupling agents and batteries for ultrasound probes, catheters, etc. After each monitoring session, the components of the equipment should be carefully collected, especially the probes should be carefully removed, wiped clean, and properly placed in the reserve box for next use.

Fetal monitor must obtain the cooperation of pregnant women to participate in monitoring work

Therefore, the patient should first patiently explain what fetal monitoring is, the importance of fetal monitoring, and how to perform fetal monitoring. Through explanation, pregnant women understand that fetal monitoring is about monitoring uterine contractions and fetal well-being, and they naturally accept or actively request fetal monitoring.

In order to gain the trust of pregnant women, it is important to communicate with them before and after monitoring. For example, before starting monitoring, tell pregnant women, "We can understand the health of your fetus through fetal heart rate" and "Through changes in fetal heart rate during contractions, we can determine if the fetus is delivering smoothly,” and so on. Generally, the equipment has a button to record fetal movement, so explain to pregnant women: "When you feel the fetus move, press this button with your hand so you can record the movement." and explain the importance of such recording.

In addition, when searching for the best location for fetal heart sounds during monitoring, the volume of the fetal monitor speaker should not be too loud to avoid noise making the pregnant woman uncomfortable. If using abdominal electrocardiography, try to avoid the unfavorable sound of maternal and fetal electrocardiography. Doctors must not have surprised expressions or language when they hear abnormal sounds. These are essential things to obtain the cooperation of pregnant women.

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