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Patients are more concerned about what effect the uv light therapy device has, are buying different light therapy device products, but these products will really bring good therapeutic effect, in the treatment of what effect it will play, we can come together to understand.

1, ultraviolet light therapy instrument to improve the role of immunity

We all know that uva light therapy can promote epidermal cells and will immunomodulatory factors, these factors can improve the body's ability. But it should be noted that if a large dose of UV radiation, will also have the same counterproductive effect.

2, the desensitizing effect of ultraviolet light therapy device

For small doses of multiple irradiation of ultraviolet light, a certain reaction will occur within the skin, and the small amount of histamine produced will continue to enter the bloodstream, while the production of histamine can be stimulated, and when these enzymes reach a sufficient amount, they can break down the excess histamine in the body, thus playing a desensitizing effect. At the same time, uvc therapy irradiation of the skin can increase the synthesis of vitamin D, so that the body's absorption of calcium increases. Calcium ions can simultaneously reduce neuroexcitability, so the other way to understand, also strengthen the desensitizing effect.

3, ultraviolet light therapy instrument for anti-rickets role

When the ultraviolet radiation, will affect the growth of ergosterol and also dehydrosterol, this factor will generate vitamin D2 and D3, these factors into the blood vessels can improve calcium and phosphorus metabolism at the same time, play a role in anti-rickets and anti-osteochondrosis.

4, ultraviolet light therapy device can also promote cell regeneration

The small dose of ultraviolet light therapy instrument can stimulate the growth of epithelial cells, while promoting tissue regeneration.

5, the most important impact of ultraviolet light therapy instrument can generate melanin.

When the ultraviolet light therapy instrument, into specific wavelengths of irradiation, these wavelengths of light sources, violet uvc therapy can stimulate melanin in the epidermal basal cells, thereby generating melanin, which in turn leads to pigmentation. Thus, it can be used to treat pigment loss diseases, such as vitiligo.

The uvc therapy is a physical therapy technique that uses ultraviolet light to irradiate the human body to prevent and control diseases. UV light therapy is one of the effective methods to treat MF, especially early MF. Commonly used ultraviolet light includes PUVA, broad-spectrum medium-wave ultraviolet light. 1984 began to be used in clinical practice, initially mainly for the treatment of common psoriasis, its efficacy is significantly better than BB-UVB, comparable to the efficacy of PUVA, but less adverse reactions.

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