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Temperature Monitoring

APK can provide cost-effective temperature products which can deliver continuous and high precision measurement. This series of products cover long-term monitoring and rapid measurement from neonatal to adult patients, including disposable/ reusable skin temperature probes, rectal temperature probes, etc. Our compatible products are very suitable for after-sales replacement of the following major brands: YSI, Siemens, GE, Mindray, Philips, Mindray, etc.

Reusable Temperature Probe

Disposable Temperature Probe

Temperature Adapter Cable

How is temperature monitored in hospitals?

Monitors that measure a patient's s temperature during surgery, postoperative care, critical care, sepsis and infections, shock, fertility and ovulation assessment, treatment of hypothermia and hyperthermia, or other cases that require body temperature to be continuously monitored.

Which is the most accurate type of temperature monitoring?

Rectal temperatures are considered to be more accurate. Temperatures from oral thermometers can easily be influenced by drinking cold or hot drinks, while the environment's temperature can influence skin thermometer readings. Since rectal temperature monitoring checks the internal body temperature, they are less likely to be affected by such factors, which leads to a more accurate reading.

Temperature monitoring solutions

  • Using a mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer to measure the average temperature of the body through the surface contact of the mouth, armpit, rectum, etc. At present, this traditional solution is still generally used to measure body temperature in the general departments of domestic hospitals, even in ICU and infant intensive care rooms.

  • The temperature monitoring in the operating room is mainly through the connection of a reusable temperature probe to the monitor.

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