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  • APK Adult Temperature Probe Manufacturer

A-TP-02-01 Datex Ohmeda Compatible Temperature Probe Rectal

Parameters of A-TP-02-01 Temperature Probe Rectal

APK Part NumberA-TP-02-01
OEM Part Number8001644, 8001643, DMQ-DAG-200 (Old CS SKU)
OEM ManufacturerDatex Ohmeda 
DescriptionDatex Ohmeda Compatible Temperature Probe Rectal  
Compatible Brand  Monitor Model YSI 400 Series
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
Patient SizeAdult
Machine-endRectangular, Female 2-Pin Connector
Cable Length90 cm
Warranty1 month
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Details of A-TP-02-01 Temperature Probe Rectal

ManufacturerOEM Part #
Datex Ohmeda8001644, 8001643, DMQ-DAG-200 (Old CS SKU)
Smiths Medical > BCIV3417, ER400-9
Stryker > Medtronic > Physio Control11996-000360

Compatibility of A-TP-02-01 Temperature Probe Rectal

CAS Med750
Criticare1100, 2200, 506, 507, 507E, 507ELC, 507S, 508, 8100
Datex Ohmeda400 series, Aestiva/5, CS/3, Cardiocap I, Cardiocap II, Cardiocap/5, Light Monitor, M-ESTP, S/3, S/5, Satliteplus
DraegerInfinity Delta, Infinity Gamma, Infinity Kappa, Infinity Vista, Narkomed 6400
EdanM50, M80
GE Healthcare > Critikon > DinamapCarescape B650
GE Healthcare > MarquetteProcare B40
InvivoMDE Prism
MEKMP 100, MP 1000, MP 110, MP 400, MP 500, MP 600, MP 700, MP 7000
Midmark > Cardell9403
Mindray > DatascopePM 7000, PM 8000, PM 9000, PM 9000 Express, Passport 2, Passport XG, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, Trio, VS 800, ePM 10M, ePM 12M
Nihon KohdenBSM-2300 Life Scope I, BSM-4100 Life Scope P, BSM-5100 Life Scope A, BSM-9510 Life Scope M, BSM-9800 Life Scope S, MU-631RA
Smiths Medical > BCISurgiVet
Spacelabs93300 eLance Series
Stryker > Medtronic > Physio ControlLifepak 15
Welch AllynAtlas, Propaq CS
YSI400 Series

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