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Patients are concerned with the effectiveness of UV light therapy devices and often purchase different devices. But do these devices really provide good treatment effects? What effects do they have during treatment? Let's explore them together:

UV light therapy device improves immunity

As we all know, UVA light therapy can promote the growth of epidermal cells and immune regulatory factors, which can improve the body's ability. However, it should be noted that if high doses of UV are irradiated, it will also have a similar adverse effect.

Desensitization of UV light therapy device

When low doses of UV are irradiated many times, certain reactions occur in the skin, and a small amount of histamine enters the blood. At the same time, histamine production can be stimulated. When these enzymes reach a sufficient amount, they can break down excessive histamine in the body, thus achieving a desensitization effect. At the same time, irradiating the skin with UVC therapy can increase the synthesis of vitamin D and increase the body's absorption of calcium. Calcium ions can also lower the excitability of nerves, so to put it another way, it also enhances the desensitizing effect.

Effect of UV light therapy device on anti-rickets

When UV is irradiated, it affects the growth of ergosterol and dehydrocholesterol, which generates vitamin D2 and D3. These factors can simultaneously improve calcium and phosphate metabolism, thus playing a role in preventing rickets and osteomalacia.

UV light therapy device also promotes cell regeneration

The small dose of UV produced by the UV light therapy device can stimulate the growth of epithelial cells and promote tissue regeneration.

The most  important influence of UV light therapy device can generate melanin

When the UV light therapy device enters a specific wavelength for irradiation, the light source of these wavelengths can stimulate melanin in the basal cells of the epidermis, thus generating melanin and promoting pigmentation. Therefore, it can be used to treat pigment loss diseases, such as vitiligo.

The UV light therapy device is specialized in the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. UVC therapy is a physical therapy technique that uses UV radiation on the body to prevent and treat diseases. UV light therapy is an effective method for treating early-stage mycosis fungoides (MF). Common UV radiation includes PUVA and broad-spectrum medium-wave UV. It has been used clinically since 1984 and was initially mainly used to treat psoriasis. Its therapeutic effect is significantly better than BB-UVB, and it is comparable to PUVA, but with fewer side effects.

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