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ECG Monitoring

The ECG cable and lead wire are to transmit electrical signals from the patient to the ECG unit for diagnosis and monitoring purposes.

Direct ECG Cable

ECG Trunk Cable

Reusable ECG Leadwire

Disposable ECG Leadwire

ECG Adapters

What are ECG cables made of?

The cable is only made of materials that are approved for contact with the skin of the patient, Latex-free, and harmless substances. Insert an appropriate plug into the specific ECG device. There may be plugs, clamps, or snaps at the patient end, and the cable also contains additional electronic components such as resistors, shields...

How to replace ECG cable

  • We provide a wide range of ECG accessories:                                                                     

  • ECG cable for monitoring, diagnosing, and Holter examinations;                                                 

  • Leadwire in DIN, VS, Euro-Style, Multi-Link, LL switching systems;                                                                  

  • All types of patient side endings: grabber (clip) or snap;                                                       

  • Variety of ECG device plus, compatible with the majority of devices on the market;

  • Different lengths of cables and lead wires, and the possibility to order custom lengths; 

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