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  • a0001d06 001
  • a0001d06 001

A0001D06-001 Nihon Kohden Compatible =6 Lead Wire, Compatible Nihon Kohden Snap AHA

Parameter of A0001D06

APK Part   NumberA0001D06-001
OEM Part   NumberN/A
OEM ManufacturerNihon Kohden
Description6 Lead wire, Compatible Nihon Kohden, Snap, AHA
Compatible   Brand  Monitor Model 

BSM-1102 BSM-2301 BSM-2303 BSM-2351 BSM-2353 BSM-2354A BSM-4101 BSM-4103 BSM-4111 BSM-4113 BSM-5105 BSM-5135 BSM-6311 BSM-6312 BSM-6313 BSM-6331 BSM-6332 BSM-6333 BSM-6531 BSM-6532 BSM-6533 BSM-6571 BSM-6572 BSM-6573 BSM-6731 BSM-6732 BSM-6733 BSM-6771 BSM-6772 BSM-6773 BSM-9172 BSM-9173 BSM-9510 Life Scope A Life Scope J Life Scope L Life Scope M Life Scope P Life Scope TR Life Scopei OPV-1500 ZM-520PA ZM-530PA

ZM-540PA(NTX) ZS-910PA ZS-940PA

CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
Product TypeECG Lead wires
Connector-endNihon Kohden 8pin
Lead Number6
Patient SizeAdult / Pediatric
Color CodingAHA
Cable Length100 cm
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

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