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Some patients may not achieve ideal results with the use of a UV light therapy device alone, so they may choose to use certain medications in combination to enhance the therapeutic effect. However, it is important to understand the proper sequence of using these medications.

Timing of using UV light therapy device and combined medications

Medications containing ingredients such as petrolatum or lanolin can increase the thickness of the skin's outer layer, hindering the absorption of UV radiation. Therefore, it is generally recommended that no medication, including makeup, be applied within four hours prior to light exposure to enhance the effectiveness of light therapy. Mineral oil can be used to promote light penetration and also acts as a moisturizer. After treatment with the UV light therapy device, external medications can be applied. However, different professionals have varying opinions regarding the use of potentially irritating medications, such as calcipotriol and tretinoin cream, immediately after light therapy, suggesting a 2-hour interval before applying them.

When using these medications, it is important not to wipe them indiscriminately. Phototherapy should only be performed under a doctor's guidance, and appropriate combinations of light therapy and medications should be used to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. After reading the above information, you should have a basic understanding of the timing of combining UV light therapy devices and medications. However, always follow your doctor's guidance.

Applying moisturizer after using UV light therapy device

After using the UV light therapy device, moisturizer is still needed. Most patients require special treatment after exposure, such as the skin becoming generally dry or for the best treatment results to protect the skin. Additional moisturizing with products like aloe vera gel is recommended for maintenance.

The UV light therapy device can relieve adverse reactions such as skin dryness and itching. It is recommended to use a moisturizer after the therapy to alleviate these symptoms. For psoriasis patients in particular, moisturizing is already a basic routine operation, and it is recommended to use moisturizer at least twice a day, especially after whole-body light therapy. In addition, what is the optimal frequency and duration of light therapy? Scientifically, 2-3 treatments per week are considered the most effective. If there is only a certain level of redness reaction after the first exposure and the ideal state has not been achieved, the exposure time can be extended. For safety reasons, the exposure time can be adjusted based on the previous reaction.

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