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Ultraviolet Light Therapy Machine

Ultraviolet light therapy machine is a pupolar product of APK.  2021, APK Research and development of medical and civil skin phototherapy products, ultraviolet phototherapy series (focus on the treatment of vitiligo psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea), and red phototherapy series (focus on the treatment of oral ulcers and wound healing disinfection and sterilization).   UV phototherapy , including uva phototherapy and uvb light treatment, is an intervention for treating a variety of diseases, including certain skin infections, inflammatory diseases. According to the company's long-term strategy, we plan to develop skin CT application-related treatment and diagnosis products in 2023 and launch the global market by 2025, achieving the perfect combination of performance and price.

What is UV Phototherapy?

Uv phototherapy is a way to treat certain medical conditions using uv light therapy machine. It uses ultraviolet (UV) rays to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis.  The primary types of ultraviolet light used in uv light therapy device are UVA and UVB rays, both of which can be found in sunlight.

UVB light therapy for psoriasis is considered the primary treatment for psoriasis because uvb light treatment targets specific cells in the body that normally produce psoriasis flare-ups. When these cells are affected by UVB rays, they become unable to reproduce new skin cells and thus reduce inflammation associated with the condition. UVB light treatment is a treatment that uses a specific wavelength of visible sunlight to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, acne and rosacea. 

UVB light therapy machine and UVA phototherapy can be beneficial for people with a variety of skin conditions. It is important to use these treatments safely, though, by following the instructions provided by your doctor or dermatologist.

Usage of UV Phototherapy

UV Phototherapy works by affecting skin cells on the surface of the skin and helps reduce plaque formation in psoriasis by destroying the skin cells that cause plaque formation. UV Phototherapy can be used in combination with other therapies to treat psoriasis, including certain systemic and topical medications. Your doctor will advise you on which treatments are safe to use in combination with phototherapy. In the use of ultraviolet light therapy machine, patients should wear protective glasses (goggles), and cover sensitive parts of the body. Ultraviolet phototherapy has the function of immune regulation, which can affect the production of the soluble medium, regulate the expression of related molecules on the cell surface, and induce the apoptosis of disease-related cells.

Principle of UV Phototherapy

Application of uv light therapy machine: 

Vitiligo, psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, eczema, and other skin diseases

Principle of uvb treatment for vitiligo

Ultraviolet stimulation of melanocyte proliferation and migration, absorption of UVB energy by melanocytes, can stimulate the activity of l-tyrosine, accelerate the oxidation and polymerization of l-tyrosine, and increase melanin synthesis

Principle of uvb treatment for psoriasis

UVB phototherapy lamp irradiation suppresses the proliferation of lymphocyte cells, reduces the number of inflammatory cells, reduces the inflammatory response in psoriatic patients, and suppresses the immune response mediated by helper cells, thus phototherapy is associated with this response in psoriasis.

What Is The Difference Between UVA And UVB And UVC ?

There are three types of ultraviolet light that the sun produces: UVA, UVB, and UVC. They differ in wavelength; UVA rays have a wavelength between 315-400 nanometers (nm), while UVB rays have a wavelength between 280-315 nm. The shortest wavelengths of ultraviolet light are classified as UVC. 

Sunlight consists of about 95 percent UVA and 5 percent UVB. These are the three types of UV radiation emitted by the sun, which can have a negative effect on your skin when you're exposed to them.

UVB rays are responsible for sunburns, while UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin, causing wrinkles and premature aging. They also contribute to melanoma (a type of skin cancer) that's linked with excessive exposure to both UVA and UVB light. But UVB phototherapy lamp and uva phototherapy is very popular  now and uvb treatment for vitiligo and uvb light therapy for psoriasis are effective medical treatment.

UVC is another type of ultraviolet ray emitted by sunlight; it poses no risk because it's absorbed by earth's atmosphere before reaching us.

Red Led Light Therapy 

Dual-wavelength red light therapy is a form of red light treatment that uses two different wavelengths of light. Each wavelength has a different effect on the body, and they are combined to produce a more powerful therapeutic effect. The two wavelengths are combined in a specific ratio.

The longer wavelength stimulates healing, while the shorter wavelength helps fight inflammation and oxidative stress.

What are the benefits of red light therapy?

Red light treatment can help with oral ulcers, cold sores and inflammation pain.

Red light treatment can be effective in wound healing.

 APK has professional Dual-wavelength Red lamp Therapy and red light therapy at home for pain, like the oral ulcers, cold sores, inflammation pain, wound healing .

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