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The frequency of using ultraviolet light therapy machine varies among different patients

Patients undergoing treatment with ultraviolet light therapy machine often worry about the number of times they should undergo radiation. This article provides detailed information about how to use the equipment, particularly with regards to frequency. Although different patients may use different methods, the benchmark for radiation is generally the same, especially when it comes to frequency, which is usually controlled at 2 to 3 times a week.

There is currently no literature specifying the maximum number of times that phototherapy treatments can be used, nor any regulation on the number of consecutive treatments or duration. When the condition either improves or fails to improve, treatment should be discontinued or another treatment method should be used. Some patients may experience a relapse despite having been cured with phototherapy. This is often due to the patient's diet and lifestyle habits in the later stages of treatment. Therefore, it is essential to regularly undergo check-ups or pay attention to daily habits and avoid being overly fatigued. Even after a relapse, ultraviolet light therapy machine can still be used, and the number of times it has been used is not limited.

The degree of fit for ultraviolet light therapy machine

Patients undergoing phototherapy treatment are often unsure of when to stop treatment. This is because there are specific indicators to be met before treatment can be stopped. It is also necessary to undergo follow-up treatment after stopping treatment to achieve better results.

When using ultraviolet light therapy machine, patients hope to see improvements after a certain period of use, which can help to control the condition. Generally, the condition will be well-controlled within 3 to 6 months of treatment, especially in facial areas, where improvement is usually faster than in the extremities.

Once the condition is stabilized, patients should continue with a stable period of radiation. Treatment should not be discontinued immediately, as some patients have experienced recurring skin diseases due to lack of follow-up treatment. As for the specific degree of radiation, it should always be based on the doctor's evaluation, and patients should not change the treatment cycle on their own. The doctor's advice is the most accurate.

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