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Philips Compatible A3096-EL1

Parameters of A3096-EL1 Reusable ECG Leadwire

APK Part   NumberA3096-EL1
OEM   Part NumberM1673A, 989803145111, 989803133831
OEM ManufacturerPhilips
DescriptionPhilips Compatible Din Style,   Molded Leads 3-lead wires Snap, AHA
Compatible   Brand  Monitor ModelN/A
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
Product TypeReusable ECG Lead wires
Connector-endDin Style, Molded Leads
Lead Number3
Patient SizeAdult / Pediatric
Color CodingAHA
Cable Length127 cm
Warranty6 months
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Details of A3096-EL1 Reusable ECG Leadwire

OEM Part Number Cross References:
ManufacturerOEM Part #
AMCLW-2090S29/3A (29 inch)
CurbellLDW-03AK-29AS-0000 (29 inch), LDW-03AK-51AS-0000 (51   inch)
PhilipsM1673A, 989803145111, 989803133831

Compatibility of A3096-EL1 Reusable ECG Leadwire

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