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  • A5022-EC0 Ecg Equipment Parts
  • A5022-EC0 Ecg Equipment Parts

A5022-EC0 GE Healthcare > Corometrics Compatible One piece 5-lead ECG Cable 10KΩ Snap, IEC 12pin

The A5022-EC0 stands out as a top-notch, unified 5-lead ECG cable crafted to harmonize seamlessly with GE Healthcare's Corometrics series. Tailored for effortless integration into Corometrics monitoring systems, this cable guarantees precise and dependable transmission of ECG signals, ensuring a highly effective approach to patient monitoring.

Key Features of A5022-EC0 Direct ECG Cable

  1. GE Healthcare Corometrics Compatibility (A5022-EC0)

    Engineered specifically for compatibility with GE Healthcare's Corometrics series, this ECG cable guarantees a reliable and seamless integration with Corometrics monitoring systems. Healthcare professionals can trust its performance for accurate ECG monitoring.

  2. One-Piece Design

    The one-piece configuration simplifies the setup process, making it convenient for healthcare professionals during patient monitoring procedures. The unified design reduces the chances of cable disconnections and ensures a secure connection to the monitoring equipment.

  3. 5-Lead Configuration

    Supporting a 5-lead ECG configuration, the A5022-EC0 provides a comprehensive view of the patient's cardiac activity. This configuration is essential for obtaining detailed information needed for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring.

  4. 10KΩ Snap Connectors

    Equipped with 10KΩ snap connectors, the cable ensures a secure and low-resistance connection to the ECG electrodes. The 10KΩ snap design is known for providing reliable signal transmission and minimizing interference during monitoring sessions.

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