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A1315-SN03M Masimo Compatible Neonatal SpO2 Sensor with 90cm LNCS Male Connector

The A1315-SN03M SpO2 sensor is a specific type of medical sensor used in healthcare settings. It is crucial in neonatal care to monitor oxygen levels and pulse rates in newborns. This type of pulse oximeter appears to be a SpO2 (oxygen saturation) sensor designed for use with Masimo medical equipment.  Our A1315-SN03M SpO2 sensor is a testament to our commitment to delivering precision, reliability, and accuracy in neonatal patient monitoring. When seeking SpO2 factory expertise and high-performance SpO2 sensors, look no further than APK Technology. 

Parameters of A1315-SN03M SpO2 Sensor

APK Part NumberA1315-SN03M
OEM Part NumberN/A
OEM ManufacturerMasimo
DescriptionMasimo Compatible Neonatal SpO2 Sensor with 90cm LNCS Male Connector
Compatible Brand  Monitor ModelN/A
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
SpO2 TechnologyMasimo
Cable MaterialWhite Medical Grade PVC
Patient SizeNeonatal (>3kg)
Connector EndMale, 9-Pin D-Sub Connector, Triple Keyed
Patient EndFoot
Patient-side MaterialNon-woven Fabric
Cable Length90cm
Packaging Type1 pc/bag, 24 pcs/box, 12 boxes/carton, Total 288pcs per carton
RemarkTo SpO2 sensor, connector color is white, if need Dark Gray color connector, Please confirm with your sales commissioner when place official order from us.

Details of A1315-SN03M SpO2 Sensor

ManufacturerOEM Part #
GE Healthcare > Marquette2027256-001
MasimoLNCS Neo, 2320, 2329, 1776, 1862
Mindray > Datascope0600-00-0157, 0600-00-0125, 520N-30-64401
Stryker > Medtronic > Physio Control11171-000028

Compatibility of A1315-SN03M SpO2 Sensor

Bitmossat 800, sat 801, sat 805, sat 816, satPuls
Datex OhmedaGiraffe Infant Warmer, S/5
DraegerInfinity Delta, Infinity Delta XL, Infinity Kappa, Infinity M540, Narkomed 6400
GE Healthcare > Corometrics128, 250, 250cx, TRAM 450SL
GE Healthcare > Critikon > DinamapCarescape B650, Carescape B850, Carescape V100, Carescape V100 with Masimo technology, Dinamap ProCare with Masimo Pro 1000, Pro 300V2, ProCare 300, ProCare Ausculatory 400, ProSeries V2, V300
GE Healthcare > Marquette8000 e Eagle 1000, Dash 2000, Dash 2500, Dash 3000, Dash 4000, Dash 5000, Dash Series, Eagle, PDM Module, Procare B40, SOLAR, Smk SMV, Solar 7000, Solar 8000, Solar 8000M, Solar Series, TRAM Modular, Tram 451, i/9500, i/9500 (Tram 451N5/851N5), x50SL Series
InvivoEscort II OPT30 Prism, T8
MasimoAll, Pronto-7, Rad-5, Rad-57, Rad-8, Rad-87, Radical-7
MennenHorizon XVu
Mindray > DatascopeAccutor V, Accutorr 3, Accutorr 7, Accutorr Plus, Accutorr V, BeneView T1, BeneView T5, BeneView T8, BeneVision TMS60, BeneVision TMS80, Beneheart D6, DPM4, DPM6, DPM7, Duo, EPM4, MEC 12, MPM, PM 6000, PM 6800, PM 7000, PM 8000, PM 9000, Passport 12, Passport 2, Passport 2LT, Passport 8, Passport V, Passport XG, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, Trio, V12, V21, VS 800, cPM 12, cPM 8, ePM 10M, ePM 12M, iPM-9800
Penlon InterMedAll
PhilipsHeartstream XL, IntelliVue FAST-SpO2, IntelliVue MP70, M1020B, M2601A, M3000A, M3001A, M3001A A03, M3001A A03C06, M3001A A03C12, M3001A A03C18, M3002A, M3002A MMS X2, M3500B, M4735A, M8102A, M8102A MP2, M8105A MP5, M8105AS, MP 30, SureSigns VS2, SureSigns VS3, VM4
RespironicsAlice 5
Stryker > Medtronic > Physio ControlLifepak 11, Lifepak 12, Lifepak 15, Lifepak 20, Lifepak 20E
Welch Allyn1500, 45NE0-E1 LX, Propaq CS, Propaq LT, Spot Vital Signs 42MOB, Spot Vital Signs 42MTB-E1, Spot Vital Signs lXi
ZollE Series, M Series, R Series, X Series

Why Choose A1315-SN03M SPO2 Sensor from APK

  • Patient Experience: As a professsional SpO2 sensor factory, APK Technology prioritize the well-being and comfort of patients. The A1315-SN03M SPO2 Sensor is designed with patient comfort in mind. Its ergonomic design and soft, skin-friendly materials ensure a pleasant experience during extended monitoring periods. Patients can

    rest easy, knowing that their vital signs are being measured with minimal discomfort.

  • Accurate Measurement: Our A1315-SN03M pulse oximeter sensor boasts advanced sensor technology to provide highly precise readings. Healthcare professionals can rely on the data obtained to make informed treatment decisions, contributing to improved patient care.

  • Application Direction: The A1315-SN03M SPO2 Sensor is versatile and compatible with a wide range of medical devices and applications. Whether in a hospital, clinic, or home care setting, it seamlessly integrates with various patient monitoring systems. This adaptability ensures that healthcare providers can use it effectively in different scenarios.

  • After-Sales Support:  We provide exceptional after-sales support and service to address any inquiries, concerns, or technical issues that may arise. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your experience with our product remains positive and hassle-free.

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