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A1315-SI03MC Masimo Compatible Infant SpO2 Sensor with 90cm 11pin

Parameters of A1315-SI03MC SpO2 Sensor

APK Part NumberA1315-SI03MC
OEM Part NumberN/A
OEM ManufacturerMasimo
DescriptionMasimo Compatible Infant SpO2 Sensor with 90cm 11pin
Compatible Brand  Monitor ModelMasimo Rad-5, Rad-7, Rad-57, Rad-8, Rad-9, Rad-87
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
SpO2 TechnologyMasimo
Cable MaterialWhite Medical Grade PVC
Patient SizeInfant (1-20kg)
Connector End11pin Connector
Patient EndFoot
Patient-side MaterialNon-woven Fabric
Cable Length90cm
Packaging Type1 pc/bag, 24 pcs/box, 12 boxes/carton, Total 288pcs per carton

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