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A-XT-10 Blue TPU Big Adult Bladder Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=33~47cm)

Parameters of A-XT-10 Blue TPU Reusable NIBP Cuffs

APK Part NumberA-XT-10 Blue TPU
ApplicationMedical Patient Monitoring
DescriptionBig Adult bladder cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=33~47cm)
Compatible Brand  Monitor ModelGE, Philips, Nihon Kohden, Mindray, Edan, etc
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
Product TypeNIBP Cuff
ParameterBP (Blood Pressure)
Hose QuantityDouble
Cuff ColorBlue Cuff Color
Cuff MaterialTPU Cuff Material
Bladder MaterialPVC Bladder Material
Patient TypeBig Adult
Cuff TypeReusable
Sample1-2 pcs free offered
Warranty3 months
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Details of A-XT-10 Blue TPU Reusable NIBP Cuffs

APK Part No.Product Description
Bladder Cuff with Single Hose
A-XT-01  Blue TPUAdult bladder cuff, Single Hose(Bladder 3.1x23.5cm, Limb cir=25~35cm)
A-XT-02  Blue TPUPediatric bladder cuff, Single Hose(Bladder 9.8x18cm, Limb cir=18~26cm)
A-XT-03  Blue TPUInfant bladder cuff, Single Hose(Bladder 7.2x13cm, Limb cir=10~19cm)
A-XT-04  Blue TPUNeonatal bladder cuff, Single Hose(Bladder 4x9cm, Limb cir=6~11cm)
A-XT-05  Blue TPUBig Adult bladder cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=33~47cm)
A-XT-06  Blue TPUAdult thigh bladder cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=44~66cm)
Bladder Cuff with Double Hose
A-XT-07  Blue TPUAdult bladder cuff, Double Hose(Bladder 13.1x23.5cm, Limb cir=25~35cm)
A-XT-08  Blue TPUPediatric bladder cuff, Double Hose(Bladder 9.8x18cm, Limb cir=18~26cm)
A-XT-09  Blue TPUInfant bladder cuff,  Double Hose(Bladder 7.2x13cm, Limb cir=10~19cm)
A-XT-10  Blue TPUBig Adult bladder cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=33~47cm)
A-XT-11  Blue TPUAdult thigh bladder cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=44~66cm)
A-XT-12 Blue TPUNeonatal bladder cuff, Double Hose(Bladder 4x9cm, Limb cir=6~11cm)

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