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  • A-XT-04D(1) Patient Monitor Cables
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Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=3.3~5.6cm)

Parameters of A-XT-04D(1) Disposable NIBP Cuffs

APK Part NumberA-XT-04D(1)
ApplicationMedical Patient Monitoring
DescriptionDisposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=3.3~5.6cm)
Compatible Brand Monitor ModelGE, Philips, Nihon Kohden, Mindray, Edan, etc
CertificationCE, FDA, CFDA
Product TypeNIBP Cuff
ParameterBP(Blood Pressure)
Hose QuantitySingle
Cuff ColorWhite Cuff Color
Cuff MaterialNon-woven Fabric Cuff Material
Bladder MaterialN/A
Patient TypeNeonatal
Cuff TypeDisposable
Sample1-2 pcs free offered
Packaging Type1 pc/bag

Details of A-XT-04D(1) Disposable NIBP Cuffs

APK Part No.Product Description
Disposable Cuff with Single Hose
A-XT-01D(11)Disposable Adult cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=25.3~34.3cm)
A-XT-02D(10)Disposable Pediatric Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=20~27cm)
A-XT-03D(9)Disposable Pediatric Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=15.8~21.3cm)
A-XT-03D(8)Disposable Infant Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=12.4~16.8cm)
A-XT-04D(1)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=3.3~5.6cm)
A-XT-04D(2)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=4.2~7.1cm)
A-XT-04D(3)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=5~10.5cm)
A-XT-04D(4)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=6.9~11.7cm)
A-XT-04D(5)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=8.9~15cm)
A-XT-04D(7)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=9.8~13.3cm)
A-XT-05D(12)Disposable Big adult Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=32.1~43.4cm)
Disposable Cuff with Double Hose
A-XT-06D(13)Disposable Adult thigh Cuff, Single Hose(Limb cir=44~46cm)
A-XT-07D(11)Disposable Adult cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=25.3~34.3cm)
A-XT-08D(10)Disposable Pediatric Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=20~27cm)
A-XT-08D(9)Disposable Pediatric Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=15.8~21.3cm)
A-XT-09D(8)Disposable Infant Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=12.4~16.8cm)
A-XT-10D(12)Disposable Big adult Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=32.1~43.4cm)
A-XT-11D(13)Disposable Adult thigh Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=44~66cm)
A-XT-12D(1)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=3.3~5.6cm)
A-XT-12D(2)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=4.2~7.1cm)
A-XT-12D(3)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=5~10.5cm)
A-XT-12D(4)Disposable Neonatal Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=6.9~11.7cm)
A-XT-12D(5)Disposable Neonatal  Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=8.9~15cm)
A-XT-12D(7)Disposable -Neonatal  Cuff, Double Hose(Limb cir=9.8~13.3cm)

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